The French Agroforestry Association – AFAF (, created in 2007, aims to promote and encourage the development of agroforestry across the four corners of France. It is currently involved with 20+ projects ranging from research and development through awareness raising and education. Its main tasks are to: •Connect agroforestry stakeholders and encourage the development of multi- partner initiatives, both at a regional and national level; •Inform and raise awareness on the objectives and benefits of agroforestry among every sector of society (farmers, natural resource managers/conservationists, extension services, consumers, policy makers, etc.); •Contribute to compiling and analysing AF on-field innovations and linking research to ground-level stakeholders, so as to provide the basis for out-scaling and up-scaling of successful experiences; •Distribute every form of agroforestry-related information (news, events, policy etc.) to the whole network; •Actively seek better recognition for agroforestry practices at a political level (national and European institutions).

Since 2010, AFAF has made a substantial contribution to push forward agroforestry, and sustainable farming as a whole, both within France and across Europe. It is now widely recognised nationally and internationally and was accredited in 2015 as ONVAR (National Organisation for Agricultural and Rural Development) by the French Ministry of Agriculture.